Roof Tiling in Liverpool

A service that is requested many times in the Liverpool area and surrounding areas of Bebington, Wavertree, Everton, Wallasey, Fairfield, Bootle among others is Roof Tiling or Roofers. This is another service which we often provide regularly here at Liverpool Carpenters, and we know that we have become one of the best in the entire UK at doing it. While providing a high-quality roofing service, we do not just make sure that the process as a whole is completed as fast and smoothly as possible but that the job itself will be completed of the highest quality altogether.

Why choose us for your tiling needs?

Our employees have large, extensive training in customer service as a whole and also have an extensive amount of experience, meaning we can ensure the process will be completed stress free and efficient. Our roofers are always able to provide you as a customer with a top quality service, but before we are able to you should know that there are many different type of materials and roofing tiles available. We are able to order and install any variety of roofing tiles for you, while also making sure they receive individual attention.
Liverpool Carpenters - Wooden Roof shingles
Liverpool Carpenters - Wooden Roof Tiling

Fibre Cement Tiles

  • There is such a huge amount of styles and materials that you are able to use for fibre cement roof slates. They are probably the eco-friendliest material of all the tiles options, as they can achieve all the way up to an A+ rating in the Green Guide.

  • They could also give many environmental benefits which also turn these into a very attractive option among the others, and there is also a large amount of different design types for these you can select. It is not just the original slate tile design available but also more modern slab type designs for both the roof and even the sides of the property.

Clay Tiles

  • A different type of roofing tile that you can also have installed on the property is clay tile slates. There is such an extensive range and large variety of clay tiles to choose from, like plain tiles and ones that interlocking to colours and texture options.  Something else to note is that these tiles they are one of the best possible materials that can be used.

  • They are also good for responsible sourcing of eco-friendly construction materials, and they can also range from premium tiling that are entirely handmade to standard, large format tiles which also interlock with each other.

  • An important thing that you should also note about the clay tiling options available are how customisable they can be, which gives you a wide variety of colours and profiles in the world to choose between.

Concrete Tiles

  • Concrete tiles are probably one of the most stunning and elegant tiles for roofers to use. For the most part they are very clean looking and beautiful on your property.

  • Another thing that is always overlooked when it comes to concrete tiles are how great they feel but also look, and also how surprisingly durable they are against constantly changing and severe weather conditions. They are also generally durable to natural effects, and have a longer shelf life than other tiles.

Profiled Sheeting & Shingles

  • These types are also an option for you. When you are figuring out what type of tiling’s you would prefer to use for your home, you may also consider the different types of accessories which are also available for roofing tiles. As there are a large amount of underlays possible for your roofing tiles, others are ideal for insulating noise and heat.

  • Along with this, you can even get ventilation accessories and dry fixes for your roof too. If you want to replace the tiles or even just adding new ones, you should also think of these accessories too. While you are considering the specific tiles you want are going to want to use, you could also find tile fittings which may be customisable for your specifics.

  • You can find a lot of plain fittings and you should be able to find interlocking tiles too. This is the point that it becomes about personal preferences since we care able to install any and all types of tiles for the roof.

As long as you know roughly what materials you would like to use or any other accessories that you would us like to install or add for you, we can ensure that you receive the best possible carpentry service that can be provided, which will be provided by Liverpool Carpenters. So call us now at 01513800251 for a first class, highest quality craftsmanship service!