Loft Conversions in Liverpool

One of the more complex services that we offer here at Liverpool Carpenters are loft conversions. Since we have many years in carpentry and joinery, including some experience with construction we have managed to become a premier loft converter. Since a loft conversion is a delicate practice that needs to be completed within exact dimensions and measurements, make sure that if you are looking for a loft conversion that you pick a company that is both professional and responsible. A loft conversion is a useful service for your home because of the benefits and added living space possibilities that it can provide. Before you decide to pursue a conversion, make sure that you know what you need it for

​There are so many possibilities for a loft conversion that the cost for a conversion is worth the investment. If you are looking to have your loft converted, you are probably a home owner that needs the additional living spaces that the conversion provides. Most home owners are looking to get their loft converted to add a bedroom within the home without investing into a home extension due to costs.

Adding a bedroom into your loft is much simpler than you may realise, and fixtures that you may have thought that would be difficult such as plumbing or electrical fixtures are in fact easier than you may expect. By wiring under the loft boards and within the walls itself, you will not even realise that it has been completed. The same is said for the plumbing, which will be done discreetly throughout the foundations.

Liverpool Carpenters - Loft conversion in Liverpool
Liverpool Carpenters - Liverpool Loft Conversion

​With a bedroom designed for your loft conversion, there are also other things that you can keep in mind before the job has been completed. The design and outlook of the room itself is also important during the process, because as a carpenter we can design bespoke furniture during the service. If you need a king-sized bed that is designed to specification or even just a chair or wardrobe, that is also something that is possible. But the design of the room itself is important for the conversion so we know that what is needed from the space. We may need to extend the space within the loft before we continue the conversion due to space requirements, and it is important that we build a floor plan or outline of the bedroom itself before construction is started.

Another design for a loft conversion we often are requested to complete is for a home office. Home office space is usually hard to come by if you have a family, and you want a space where you can work uninterrupted. That makes a loft conversion a very useful service to find loft conversion space, since it is in a remote section of your home. Since there are less requirements to create a home office conversion as opposed to a new bedroom or bathroom, the overall costs are usually lower and there is more that we can add for your home office. The electrical fixtures and plumbing (if necessary) are just as easy to install, as are the electrical appliances you will need such as a PC. We can also create and construct a custom-made desk and chair for your home office too, while also keeping it in touch with the overall theme of your loft conversion room.

Loft Conversion Requirements

Finally, before you begin a loft conversion it is important that you are aware of the requirements you have for your room design and needs. We can create extensions and additional space, but if you do not need the additional space then you may spend more when you need less. The opposite is also important, as we do not want to convert a loft and have it be unsatisfying due to special requirements. We will walk you through the entire process before we begin, but we will also walk through what you need before we start too.

If you are in the Liverpool area and need a sleek, elegant and safe loft conversion completed, then just come to us as Liverpool Carpenters. We provide our services for those in Liverpool and surrounding areas like Everton, Merseyside, Bebington, Fairfield, Wallasey, Bootle and Wavertree among others. Call us on 01513800251 or fill out the form on the top of the page!