How we remain environmentally sustainable

Here at Liverpool Carpenters, the environment is our trade. We use natural materials, namely wood, to create items that our clients will love and cherish for years. This means we have an acute understanding of how important sustainability is to us, people around the world, nature itself and the fight against the climate emergency. That’s why we strive to make everything we do in our business as sustainable as possible.

The first way is through the companies we use and buy from. Whenever we buy in new timber, we always make sure to use companies that replace the wood they are cutting with new saplings, and wherever possible with even more than they cut down, so that the total number of trees doesn’t fall. Research has recently shown global reforestation is one of the best ways we can fight climate change. We also use local suppliers for other materials such as fittings and fixing tools, so that the materials don’t have to travel as far to get to us and clock up air and sea miles. Finally, any other services we need to source, we try and get locally too, just for that little extra push.

The second way is in the materials we use. We try and cut out plastics as much as we possibly can in all aspects of our business, from how we deliver items to you, to the waste that we leave after ourselves in our office and warehouse. We aim to use as much natural wood and timber as possible as opposed to manufactured wood that leaves a carbon footprint, and cut it to our needs on site. We also try to use paint that is ecologically friendly whenever possible as opposed to regular paints, which is also good at preventing damage to the ecology around us.

The third way is in our working techniques and practices. While cutting wood to our needs for whatever jobs our clients ask us to do, we inevitably cut off pieces of wood that we don’t need. Rather than some companies, we don’t throw away our off-cuts: We keep as much of the off-cuts as possible to use them for other work we might need to do. When it comes to throwing out paint, chemicals, or anything else that could be ecologically toxic, we make sure to use companies that dispose of these materials in proven, responsible ways. We also try to use our vehicles as little as possible in order to help the environment just that little bit more!

While we know the responsibility lies on all of us to just be a bit more caring towards nature and the environment, for our children’s sake as well as ours, we’re aware that as a company, we should bear a greater brunt of the responsibility than the everyday person. That is why we take a great deal of pains to make sure that we leave the world better than we started in it! If you want to find out anything more about our company, then feel free to contact us and ask anything you like!

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