How we go about building a bespoke wooden bed

While our carpentry team offers many bespoke furniture services, like built-in wardrobes, custom home office furniture and unique chairs, our most popular custom furniture has to be our bespoke wooden beds! Every bed we create for our clients has a unique design and uses different wooden materials, but every job we do goes through a similar process and system. That way we know we can always do our best for our carpentry clients in Liverpool!

Design and planning

The first stage we go through is design and planning! When we have our initial chat with you, we’ll talk in general terms about what you want from your new bed, how you expect it to look, how big, your budget and if it’ll be a daily use bed or just for having guests over.

Once we’ve done this, and we’re both happy to go ahead, we’ll come over to look at the space we’re putting it into if needed, figure out measurements and then quote you a price for the bed. We’ll include some drawings of how we realistically believe it would look an d make sure to have your final sign off before we go ahead!

Finally, we’ll figure out our timings to make sure you’re in when we deliver and construct the final pieces of the bed in your home and then begin!

Sourcing materials

While all of our wooden beds contain common materials, at times we may use more uncommon woods, or pieces of material for the linen or decoration. In these cases we have many deals with suppliers that allow us to buy materials much more cheaply than general market prices, and we pass these savings onto you!

We’ll get in touch with our suppliers whenever required and source the materials, and start building what we can with what we have in our warehouse. Typically these materials will only take a few days to be delivered, however, in the case of exotic, rare or valuable materials, we will always make you aware of any extra delay and cost during our quotation.

Building and construction

This is the fun part for us, building your bed! The specific process will always be different depending on what you need in your bed. For example, a bunk bed will require a very different set of steps of construction than a queen sized four poster bed with storage space underneath! There are a few steps every bed will generally need however.

The first is cutting wood to the overall supports of the bed. This will be the legs, whether four, six or eight, or a frame that is all in contact with the ground, these will usually be made of the strongest wood and cuts in the entire build as they need to support the weight of the bed, the people lying on it, the movement that inevitably will happen and in some cases, any extra weight placed into storage spaces.

Next comes the structural framing of the bed, which includes a number of pieces. The surface that holds up the mattress, whether a hollow space with slats, or a total flat surface. The headboard of the bed if wanted or required, and which in some cases can include shelving, or a specific design. Any posts you may want on your bed, along with their supports. Finally any storage solutions, whether drawers in the base of the bed, supports for a moving Ottoman frame, or attached drawers and tabletops.

Finally will come the finishing touches, this will be things such as decoration and ornamentation in the wood for specific designs and looks you’d like on your bed, rings for curtains for a poster bed, linen and cushioned touches in your headboard and custom linen if we’ve made that part of our work.


While we deliver all beds we build for our clients, there are two types of delivery

Deliver built to site – This is fairly self-explanatory; if your bed is a fairly simple one that comes in one piece and we are able to place it into your room as you have large doorways, an external entranceway or it is part of a larger loft conversion project. We will deliver it to your home and put it into place, and make your bed up with the mattress, linen and anything else you need.

Construct on site – This is what we do for more complex beds, larger beds that we aren’t able to deliver in one piece, or beds that fit into odd or non-uniform spaces, such as alcoves in a velux loft conversion, or walls that stick out in places due to support beams. We will construct the main supports of the bed, carve, ornament and decorate the external faces of the wood and do as much joining work as possible. Then when we’re on site, we will put all these discrete parts of the bed together to complete it on site. This will normally take a maximum of a few hours for the most complex beds and in all cases we will do it at a time that most suits you as we are aware we’ll be in your home!


Finally, what we believe is the most important part of our work; aftercare. Once we’ve built, delivered and completed the bed, we will make sure you’re happy with it before we leave your home. Then we’ll have a very quick, casual check back with you after 2 weeks and a month to make sure the bed is everything you hoped it would be!

While in most cases our clients are very happy with their bespoke beds, if you have any questions or concerns then we will encourage you to bring them to us, and do our best to answer and address them! If our bed isn’t what you hoped it would be after a couple of weeks of sleeping on it, then we will do our best to adapt it and fix it up for you!

If you’ve been thinking about getting a bed built for you and your home, then we hope this post has been informative for you! If you’d like to get in touch with us about building your new bed for you then head on over to our contact page and call or email us for a professional, no obligation chat about how we can help you!

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