Built-in Wardrobes in Liverpool

The days of people using their wardrobe to just find a random outfit or two to wear for work or throughout a random day are long gone. There are many customers out there now who have more shoes or clothes that they own now more than ever, and that most likely includes your children too! It is good for someone to have a wide variety of clothes to choose from but it can also become frustrating to store various items in different locations and rooms throughout the house. However, a bespoke & built in wardrobe inside your house in Liverpool would change that!

Why built-in wardrobes may be better than standard wardrobes

Instead of standard storage spaces, bespoke & built-in wardrobes will take advantage of all available spaces in the room including alcoves to have an efficient storage solution that can go wall to wall in your room. If your home is designed as a modern outlay or even more traditional, there are various options for built-in wardrobes to suit all possible needs and tastes. You may even select storage options which are ceiling to floor, and it can be a great way to use any available space without having spare boxes and units on top of your accessories and the room to be messy.

Additional custom wardrobe Options

With bespoke & built-in wardrobe options, you can create an additional space to store any clothes of yours and your families. You could even use more storage options just to make room for any shopping trips you decide to take! There is a variety of amazing storage solutions for you that can be built around your wants and needs, and they will allow you to have everything right where you want it. Many of our customers often like us to build them built-in wardrobes because average standard wardrobes never have enough storage space, or are simply too big for the area which they need to be placed. It could also make your room more difficult to clean. However, built-in wardrobes can eliminate this easily. And you also will not have to go through a lot of trouble to retrieve any items that may have fallen at the back of a standard wardrobe. We could even build separate storage spaces to house your shoes, so that you do not have to dig through huge piles of shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe or even in the corner of your room. Using our bespoke built-in wardrobes is a very popular solution when solving storage problems using places that didn’t even seem that possible. We can have a designer who will guide you through the options that would even ensure that you have a place inside your home for you to store belongings that can also be easy for you to sort through and find.

Liverpool Carpenters - Bespoke Wardrobe
Liverpool Carpenters - Bespoke wardrobes

You could even fit a built-in wardrobe into a room that is very oddly shaped, which will allow the smallest of rooms or even a room that is not designed to be a bedroom might have useful storage solutions that look very beautiful. There is also such a wife variety of materials and other types of additions like mirrored wardrobes you can also install, meaning you could have anything like head to toe mirrors on your wardrobe for you to use while picking an outfit!

There have been many customers from Liverpool and surrounding areas such as Bebington, Wallasey, Everton, Wavertree, Fairfield, Bootle that have all taken advantage of built-in wardrobes which are made to measure, and able to fit inside anything from the largest of homes to the smallest of flats. Using the experience of our specialised employees, you may even be able to use the option of choosing to have hidden storage spaces that could allow you to keep clothes and other personal items out of your sight until you need them. So just give us at Liverpool Carpenters a phone call and we may be able to provide you with a free estimation during a consultation and build the built-in wardrobes of your dreams! So call us now at 01513800251!