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Here at Liverpool Carpenters, we provide our high quality services across Liverpool and the surrounding areas such as Wallasey, Bootle, Everton, Fairfield, Wavertree, Bebington & others! We are able to do any woodwork project, from office designs or new sofas all the way to refurbishments of your house and home furniture, while also providing a top class, friendly, efficient and professional service for all our customers. You should call us on 01513800251 to find out more, or just fill out the form on the right with the details of a project for a fast estimation with Liverpool's favourite carpentry and joinery team!

We have a reputation not just for being master craftsmen working with the highest quality materials in Liverpool, but also offering exemplary customer service during our projects with the best value for money in the city and its surroundings. With us, our master carpenters will provide you with a free estimation for your carpentry projects so you can talk to us and discuss what you need us to do for you and make a decision and plan together from there.

If you are looking for the best Joiners and Carpenters in the Liverpool area, you can rest assured you have found them. We also promise to be as eco-friendly as possible during all our projects. We use natural sources from reforested areas when able, since we respect the local environment and nature altogether. We utilise our extensive experience and master carpentry skills to ensure that we use as many recyclable materials as we can, making us the most eco-friendly carpenters Liverpool have.

We also promise to leave your space clean and tidy after we're done, nothing annoys us more than having contractors come to us and leave a mess all over our workspace, and we're sure you feel the same way too! In terms of aftercare, we always make sure to check back on you after a month or so, to ensure you're happy with the quality of the work we've done for you and haven't had any unforeseen problems come up; that way we can be rest assured we've done everything we can for you!

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The regular domestic carpentry services that we design include items built for your house such as doors, shelving, desks, flooring, bespoke beds, skirting boards, bookcases, drawers and any other item you could see in your house with the best carpenters Liverpool have, with the best joiner Liverpool offer! We could even design new rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, sheds, bedrooms, conservatories, balconies and even bay windows for your house! There is no single job too big for us to complete efficiently and effectively! If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, contact us today!

With the commercial carpentry services we provide, we cover a variety of carpentry areas from office flooring and shop signs to roofing and designing desks. When we carry out design and builds for wooden items to be used in commercial premises, we always ensure that the design is a bespoke one and keeps in touch with your brand and also the surroundings of the property. This lets us provide the best joinery Liverpool services. We also make the space in your property look just as amazing, with anything from flower displays to draw attention to flowers as opposed to the surrounding area. It will also blend in with the rest of the property. If you want any commercial work completed, make sure to do it with the best carpenters Liverpool offer and best joiner Liverpool has!

Custom Home Carpentry in Liverpool

If you would like, we could even have a look at your house and design any items that match any of your standards and the general design of your home. We will use the general feel and style of your home and ensure that nothing we create looks out of place. We could also take care of any aesthetics or protective measures for your house like vinyl coverings, coating, staining varnishing or even any repainting of wood around the house if you need us to, letting us become the best joinery Liverpool services.! We can even perform wood replacements if you have any mouldy or rotten wood, and if you ever need any emergency carpentry we can get to you within 1 or 2 hours making us the best carpenters Liverpool have along with our best joiner Liverpool has.

When you first contact us, we would usually meet with you on the property site with the aim to build a complete understanding for what it is you need from us by asking you a number of questions related to the project. This is always to ensure that we see your exact vision to make it come to life. We try to find out what you need our high quality woodworking services for, and if needed we would even design the whole office space for you from the doors and frames to skirting boards and cabinetry. We then head back to our store and start drawing the designs based on all details that have been given. The best carpenters Liverpool have and joiner Liverpool have can then show you the designs we have made to see if they match your vision. If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, contact us today.

We would then source the wooden materials that are necessary and build all fittings within the store. We make sure to keep you informed every step of the way in the process while giving you updates on how the project is going. That way you are aware we are doing a top-quality job and we are working with you to ensure that your space becomes how you envisioned it with the best carpenters Liverpool have & joiner Liverpool has.

We also promise that our projects are kept line with strict health and safety policies set by us, with an extra focus on fire safety. We can also work within tight deadlines and strict timelines. If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, then consider contacting us to find out more!

Give us a call on 01513800251 for a free estimate and quotation and we will see how we can help you! We do not just work in Liverpool but also the surrounding areas of Liverpool such as  Bootle, Fairfield, Everton, Wavertree, Bebington, Wallasey & others! If you want a joinery project completed, make sure to go with the best carpenters Liverpool have along with the joiner Liverpool has!

Joinery Services in Liverpool

One of the main specialties we provide at Liverpool Carpenters are joinery services. We provide our customers within the Liverpool area joinery services which have been expanded upon inside our service page if you need more information. Since many joinery services often resemble carpentry services, it would be redundant to list all joinery services that we offer our customers. If you are looking for any joinery services, our carpenters and joiner Liverpool has are some of the best in the area!

Carpentry Services in Liverpool

We offer many carpentry services for our customers within the Liverpool area, and it is the foundation of our family run company making us the best carpenters Liverpool have. Liverpool Carpenters can provide our customers with services from wooden beds and bespoke furniture to smaller services such as handyman and house maintenance services. Our Liverpool based carpenters also have a collective experience spanning more than 50 years, with all carpenters more than capable to provide the best possible service to meet your requirements and needs. If you need a carpenter within the Liverpool area for any wood working services or other services, then please contact us today, so we will be able to give you a free quotation on any project that you would like us to complete. We have some of the best carpenters in Liverpool, and we ensure that all projects are completed efficiently and professionally. Our greatest joiner Liverpool has will also make sure jobs are completed effectively. If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, then make sure to contact us today!

Home Office Furniture in Liverpool

Like the bespoke furniture services that we provide at Liverpool Carpenters, we also provide customised, hand-made home office furniture for our customers. Many of our customers like a personalised touch for their home office since they are one of the most used rooms within the home. As there are more people are converting their currently unused rooms into home offices, we understand that many customers have specific needs and requirements for their furniture. Often, many furniture stores do not provide this furniture. That is why Liverpool Carpenters hires carpenters that are both skilled and talented in creating home office furniture and bespoke furniture. If you need home office furniture, call us today at Liverpool Carpenters and work with the best carpenters Liverpool have! If you would like to find out more about the best joinery Liverpool services, then contact us today!

Loft Conversions in Liverpool

Here at Liverpool Carpenters, we have gained a fundamental knowledge and experience base of providing loft conversions for our customers. Since many loft conversions require the workings of wooden foundations, as carpenters we had the opportunity to work with many builder and loft conversion companies to service homes around the Liverpool and surrounding areas. Since many loft conversion projects require the skillset of a carpenter to ensure the structural foundations are correct and to ensure the room itself is both usable and comfortable to live inside, carpenters are responsible for much of the work such as boarding of the loft floors and the creations of partitions. If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, then find out more!

We have begun to contract plasterers, electricians and other trades for loft conversion projects since we believe our carpenters are skilled enough to complete the projects. We have performed many loft conversions in the Liverpool area which has allowed us to gather the experience and knowledge that we have practically. We are one of the best loft conversion companies within the area and if you are looking for a loft converter within the Liverpool area, then get into contact with the best carpenters Liverpool have and the best joiner Liverpool have at Liverpool Carpenters today!

​Built-in Wardrobes in Liverpool

​A large carpentry service that we provide here at Liverpool Carpenters are built-in wardrobes. We provide this for customers all around the Liverpool area. Many customers within the Liverpool area have a large section of their bedroom or a larger connected room that have gone unused that they would like to turn into a built-in or walk-in wardrobe. The storage for a large amount of clothes, shoes and other personal items become increasingly manageable with larger storage spaces, which these wardrobes provide. There are also larger alcoves within homes that could be converted and changed into built-in wardrobes that suit the needs of many customers. We have some of the best carpenters in Liverpool, and we provide our services in Liverpool and surrounding areas such as Everton, Fairfield, Bebington, Wallasey, Wavertree and Bootle among others. That is what makes us the best carpenters Liverpool offer! Our greatest joiner Liverpool has ever had is also available to help.

How much does ​​a built-in wardrobe cost in Liverpool?

Well, built-in wardrobes are relatively cheap for the storage space available. The average built-in wardrobe in Liverpool would cost between £2,500 - £3,600 if it is three to four sections large. The larger the wardrobe is, the more expensive it would be. The price also raises depending on the timber and other materials that you would like to use to create the wardrobe. If you are looking for a skilled carpenter within the Liverpool area to construct and install a built-in wardrobe, then contact us at Liverpool Carpenters today! We can provide you a free, non-obligation quote and start the project for you as soon as possible with the best carpenters Liverpool have along with the best joiner Liverpool has ever had! If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, or want to find out more information, then consider calling us today!

​We offer a variety of services such as Joinery, Roof Tiling, Home office Furniture, Door framing and fittings and much more. Our carpenters Liverpool & joiner Liverpool believe that as a company we have a natural and automatic oath to ensure that our community should benefit from our company as much as us and our customers.

Just one of the responsibilities that we have as a company is to ensure that we are always able to give back to the community. Although we believe that the quality and standards of our carpentry and joinery provides the community with benefits in itself, we are always willing and able to help with any needs you may have. If there are any ways that you feel we can help the community as a whole, we would love if you could get in touch and let us know!

Door framing, joinery, home office furniture and roof tiling is just some of the works that we provide here at Liverpool Carpenters. We also provide our customers with services such as model building, shuttering, loft conversions and even rough carpentry services. These are just some of the services that our carpenters Liverpool have been providing in Liverpool for a number of years now and we are dedicated to being the best in every single service we offer in the area. This is along with the best joiner Liverpool has had. If you want the best joinery Liverpool services, or you want to find out more, contact us today!

The main benefit of using Liverpool Carpenters are the skills and experience that we have available to us. Since our carpenters have been practising and in the trade for many years, we have a culminating experience of over 50 years in the trade. We have individually completed projects for customers everywhere in the area, and we will continue to do so for as long as we are able to. Our carpenters are incredibly passionate about their careers, and they all individually strive to be the best carpenters and joiners they possibly can be. That is why we also provide them with extra training and tools that help them utilise the skills that they have learnt, and also allowing them to continue to thrive and grow as carpenters.

We also offer our carpentry services to both residential and commercial properties. Although many believe that carpentry is strictly for residential properties and specialists need to be brought in for commercial properties, that is not the case with us. All of our carpenters Liverpool have are specialists in the services that they provide, meaning that despite of what the property is used for, the services that will be provided are still specialised for you.  Our joiner Liverpool based expert is also specialised in all services.

​Here at Liverpool Carpenters, we provide customers all over the Liverpool and surrounding areas such as Everton, Fairfield, Bebington, Wallasey, Wavertree and Bootle amongst others with a professional and reliable carpentry service. So call us on 01513800251 for a free estimate or fill out the form on the top of the page for a free quotation now! If you want the best joinery Liverpool services then you should definitely give us a ring!